Traffic tests

The current set of tests provides the user with an opportunity to check the level of traffic-related knowledge and secure this knowledge before the state test.

Good luck!

Compiled by: Reedik Niilus
Year: 2023
Publisher: Jeppe Auto OÜ
Pages: 84
Dimensions: 210 x 297

Translated by: Raavo Lomp
Edited by: Stewart Johnson

Table of Contents

Definitions 2
Obligations of the Driver 4
State of Health of the Driver 11
Turn Signals 12
Traffic Signs and Additional Panels 14
Road Markings 21
Positioning and Manoeuvres 24
Crossing Intersections 29
Overtaking, Passing 38
Stopping, Parking, Emergency Stopping 41
Driving Speed 45
Using Lights 47
Road Safety 49
Traffic Psychology 59
Towing 64
Roadworthiness and Other Fields 65
Motor Third Party Only (TPO) Insurance 74
Category A 77
Category C 81

The edition is available in bookstores and driving schools.

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