Learning to drive on streets and roads

The figures illustrate basic traffic situations that occur while learning to drive, in everyday traffic, or while driving abroad. I believe that this book is a useful aid while preparing for the driving test and becoming a good driver.

Good luck!

Compiled by: Reedik Niilus
Edited by: Stewart Johnson
Illustrations: Reedik Niilus, Artur Kuus
Cover design and layout: Anne Vahermaa
Translated by: Raavo Lomp
Year: 2020
© Reedik Niilus

Feedback and distribution: liikluskool@liikluskool.ee

Table of Contents

Obligations of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers 2
Driver’s signals 5
Positioning the vehicle on an intersection and road, driving directions, and driving lines of the vehicle 6
Manoeuvres 15
Unregulated intersections with roads of equal priority 18
Unregulated intersections with roads of unequal priority – a priority road and a non-priority road 19
Roundabouts 30
Regulated intersections 31
Intersecting with a tram track 37
Intersecting with a train track 40
One-way roads 41
Mandatory signs 43
Other traffic signs 44
Driving speed 46
Overtaking and passing 48
Stopping and parking 52
Other rights and obligations deriving from the Traffic Act 57

The edition is available in bookstores and driving schools.

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